Have you ever had a calling? 
I'm a music educator. I teach classical guitar from 6th grade to 12th grade. It's a classical guitar ensemble. We talk a lot about growing to be the person you've been created to be. For some people, that's a hard metric.

I've known from my earliest memories that I'm a musician. I've trained hard for it. I won awards and competitions in school. I was affirmed. It also didn't hurt that I was terrible at everything else. Everything. So, for me, it was easy. This was a thing that I excelled at and I was profoundly disinterested in anything else.

But, these kids? They're all really bright and have access to just about any sort of opportunity their hearts desire. They're good at so much. They excel at academics, literature, athletics, speech and debate, and even fine arts. Not so many of them know what they've been created to do, though.

Can it be that being good at a lot of things is burdensome? Is there such a thing as being too blessed? Our times and the American culture make it a priority to serve yourself. How do we swim upstream to say that we should use our blessings to serve others?

So, I wonder. Have you ever had a calling? If so, how did you identify it? Was it passion coupled with easily acquired skill?

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