"Luis Arizpe is a force to be reckoned with. Driving Guitar Riffs with original blues flavor. This San Antonio kid plays a guitar twice his size, and plays it with style.”
                        DJ Maestro Aurora
                    (KUIW radio, University of the Incarnate Word)

“Luis Arizpe is a skillful musician ... has an endearing demeanor ... a pleasure to see and hear and will leave you smiling.”

07/11/06: "Big Little Guy" wins award at Garageband.com! The track will be featured as the "Track of the Day" for 07/19/06 under the Blues Rock catagory!
07/17/06:"Big Little Guy" wins "Best Melody", "Best Blues Rock Drummer", and "Most Original" in the Blues Rock catagory for week of 07/17/06!
A HUGE thanks to John Condit (Notorious Sinners) for playing on the record!

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