DUDE! I just can't express how freaking behind I am in all my stuff. It's like, the summer sun came and bowled me over. But, it's all good stuff. ALL good stuff - and some other stuff, too.

First off: I wrote down there, somewhere, about doing what you're built to do in this world, about being what you're intended to be, and having the forthrightness to understand when something ain't your bag. Well, after some careful thought, and some hand wringing, and a general scratching at the sand . . . we came to the decision to let our drummer, Javier, have a go at another project. Yes. Javier is moving onwards and we wish him nothing but the best of luck in this precarious industry of ours.

AND so . . . we find ourselves in the position of finding another drummer. Well, that's the way the story goes, and it isn't the first time, and it's just a part of being in this business. The up-swing is that we've hired a temp drummer, R2, from the band Kevin Goes 2 College. R2 is a heck of professional. He played with us out at Patsy's Ice House the other night. He played each song about once a piece and then went "live". Know what? It sounded like he'd been playing these tunes all his life. What a guy. So . . . we're in between drummers right now. Oh, we've been talking and such, and we're eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new one here, but we'll just keep that under wraps until the first down beat, if you will.

AND, we signed up for this cool website, garageband.com. It's a nifty site where you can register and review recordings of bands across the globe, in multiple catagories. The suprising thing is that one of our tracks, "Big Little Guy", won an AWARD: "Track of the Day" in the Blues Rock catagory! Wow. What an honor. Based on our peer reviews, we're moving on up the charts. Lord willing, we'll see just how far this thing will go!

AND . . . I've been teaching an incredible bunch, too. It's keeping a guy really busy. I like the work. It keeps me honest and it reminds me of just how hard I have to work at what I do. Well, this is all, for now. Stop by my myspace page and drop me a line. I'd love to hear from ya!

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