I'd been thinking about this particular magnet for my guitar. See, magnets make the electric guitar work. This won't be an engineering class in guitar building -- but, follow me here.

This particular magnet is an aluminum/nickel alloy that has an interestingly strong magnetic field. This is important to us because the magnetic field vibrates in sympathy with the motion of the strings.

Some metals are affected more than others. Oddly enough, it's the purer ones that loose their magnetism the soonest.

You make a magnet by passing an electrical current aCROSS it. The atoms are "combed" into uniformed alignment. Once all the atoms are unified, the metal begins to have a pull of it's very own.

Shakespeare mentioned that all the world is a stage and we're the players. That implies a play write. Someone who has orchestrated the story in advance and already knows how the story goes.

I've always felt that there is a specific purpose for my life. I guess everyone does. Musicians mostly feel like their purpose is to be rock-stars, unfortunately. I've always known that there was something I was supposed to be doing. My life has illustrated this in that I've always been doing "this" while I was endeavoring towards "that". How 'bout you?

About 4 1/2 years a go, I lost my magnetism. All my inner self was nullified and everything I knew ceased to be. The play came to an abrupt end. Rather, the play within the play ended, the set was removed and I was left standing naked on the stage.

I've spent the last three months asking the writer of my play to run aCross me and unify my very being with the story of the play. I'm a player. I want my part. I need to know my part. It's a disparateness I've never know before. All my struggles with self-identity, self-esteem and self-loathing will find reconciliation. I will have a pull of my very own; I will then be moved in sympathy with the vibrations set in motion before me without choice but to perform the very thing I was scripted to do. Satisfaction. Resolution. Reconciliation.

I wade in slowly
Seeking the subtle force
Moving the the rhythm
Set to me.

Set for me.

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