It can be as simple as letting your arms fall. Maybe it's not that you take a breath, but the way you take that breath. It's not always about what you do, what you see, what you hear, or even about you, for that matter.

It's the difference between batting your wings furiously like a humming bird, or lazily soaring on the warm thermals.

Certainly, both types of flying are flying, for sure. In one instance, you can hover; but it's that hovering that's costing you your life, man. It's all about the nectar 'cause without that sugar rush, you don't bat nothing, not even an eye-lash.


You have to have the strength to keep your wings spread out wide, the discipline to know that you're not falling, the trust to know that you can feel that force keeping you up and aloft.

And you'll think you're being tested, but you're not. It's a little immature to think that affirmation is the green light. A father will tell his child that a party is granted - that doesn't mean get out the pointy hats, though. It just means get ready, 'cause the party's coming!

My friend was fond of saying, "There's a heap of a slip betwixt a cup and a lip." Amen, Petey. Amen.

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