You know... before I know it, it's been two weeks since my last entry. WOW. That kinda reminds of dark memories: "Forgive me father for I have sinned, it's been two weeks since my last confession..." There are very interesting things afoot around here. My life is very exciting. Let's look at that. See, in science, heat usually excites things, like electrons. And those electrons go flying off into whatever. Or, at the amusement park, exciting is white knuckle gripping the handle bar of your seat as you tear around the corner on a wooden roller coaster (and you just KNOW that when it goes, it'll be when you're on it!). I was talking with Lynnette last night about different kinds of people. You're either in the "a" camp or "b" camp. She was telling me that sometimes, people from different camps want to be in the other; "a's" want to be "b's" or vice versa. Hmmm, I thought. That must suck. I don't think I've ever experienced that. Have you? What's it like to want to be something you're not? It's hard for me to comprehend because if I want to be/do something, I'll just go right out and do it. Then, something else came to mind. This woman I know, Sue, was telling me about an article about different kinds of learners. It seems there are four types: You either jump right on in and start the doing, you research the thing to death before you start doing, you start building something and then figure out what you're supposed to be doing, or you look for step by step instructions on how to do what you're supposed to be doing. (How is this exciting, Luis?) It's like this. I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I don't always know how that's supposed to go, but I'm working my butt off to get there. I don't see mistakes as failures; they're learning opportunities. If you're charting uncharted territory, you're going to run into obstacles. You just have to keep on keeping on and remember where you've been in case you see it again. It's been my experience that tenacity will propel you to your goals. That's exciting. What are you doing? What are you working towards? For about half of the people (no scientific data to back that up, strickly opinion) the answer will be, "Nothing. This is it." And for the other half it will be "(fill in the black)". There's no judgement in that, either. Everyone has a role to play and there's no "good" or "bad" with that, it's just a thing that "is". I'm on fire when I'm out there trying to figure out how to get to the "promised land", success is in the exploration of a new path and not in the discovery of the goal. How is it for you? Are you on fire when you're knee deep in "Holy crap! What have I gotten myself into?", or are you humming along like a fine diesel engine keeping on keeping on with what you're doing? By the by.... I'm not good at website stuff. I'd wanted to have a comment section in this thing so you can respond to me and all of us here can read what we all think about all this goofy stuff, but I accidentally disabled the site when I tried. So, I encourage you to respond to any of this by sending a message to I'll post your thoughts, if you'd like. If you'd not like, just let me know that too. I can't wait to here from you....

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