Someone told me they were reading the blog! "Oh, crap!" Now it's like "live" and everything... Hope you like delving into the mind of musician. Just be sure you wear a safety strap and goggles! And bring a flash light - 'cause it's pretty spacious and dim. Tomorrow is my boy's birthday. Diego will be 6! Man, that's the age, isn't it?! Six years ago I was in a TOTALLY different place - physically, mentally, spiritually, health-ily, professionally... Six years ago, on a cold winter's night, my son decided it was time to join all of us. I busted out with a lot of booze and a couple of "j's" and had myself a good ol' time with my pal, Pete Ross. Since that day, my life has never been the same. It's a wonder to watch a child grow. It's a wonder I'm not dead. It's a miracle I'm clean and sober! It's a blessing to have Diego in my life. You can put it any way you want to, but, DUDE!, that kid has helped me grow. You hear a lot (at least I do) of people saying stuff about their kid like, "You taught me this or that...", or "You changed my life...", or "If it hadn't been for you...". Let me tell you something, being a practicing addict and trying to be a parent DON'T mix. I've done stuff I should burn in eternity for, plus 10 years! But that's not the story here. The story here isn't that Diego had some profound impact in my life. No. That's not the story. The story is that Diego has become my life. He's an amazing kid. He's smart, he's sassy, he's brave, he's funny, he's generous with his love, he's giving his kinder teacher a hard time (yeah! Stick to the man!), he's respectful, he's gracious, he eats with his fingers, he doesn't sit still in a restaurant, he questions authority (yes!), he's a leader, he's a follower, he's... in every respect, a fully developed personality all of his own. I didn't make him that way. He's been that way since the day he came to be. I get to be a witness to his unraveling seed. Isn't that cool? "And now, for something completely different...." Sent off the artwork and CD masters to be replicated by EMA in Austin, TX!!! Dude! I can't begin to tell you what that feels like. Talk about having a child! This is the first step in a MAJOR career move. From here on it's all about "Phase II" of "The Plan." This occasion marks the close of a very, very long and arduous undertaking. This is going to come as a shock, I know - so, brace yourself. Musicians are flaky people. (GASP!) Yes, it's a tough pill to swallow, but true. I've gone through dozens of musicians trying to get this project off the ground. I've had equipment failures and shortcomings. I've written roughly 3269.065 songs, and trashed them all. I've quit a couple of times. But here it is. The record. It's called Big Little Guy and it'll be in a store near you. It'll be for sale at all our shows. It'll be on CD Baby, too. So, the gigs will be coming soon. The radio play, the paper write ups, the disappointment, the disillusionment - it'll all be there. And it'll all get recorded here. So, stay tuned! Don't touch that dial (does anyone touch the dial anymore? are there even dials anymore?) and we'll be right back with more of your favorite tunes....

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