Wow. I hadn't realized it's been over a month since my last entry. So, there's some catching up to do here. Let's see, we'd just started rehearsing.... Well, we've kept rehearsing and the band just keeps sounding better and better. Something that's troubling about leading a band is that as much as you want to, you can't blame anyone for what you're dissatisfied with but yourself. On the other hand, you can't take credit for the successes either because the guys you're playing with are bad-mamma-jammas! And that's where I want it to be, anyway. Let the light shine on Bruce and Javier because, truth be told, they're are a couple of musicians who are good at what they do AND great people to be around. The life of a working musician is one of adventure and complexity. I've been incredibly blessed with opportunity and success. See, sometimes you wonder if you're doing the right thing - if you've chosen the correct career. It's not a life of comfort and security - but if you have the right perspective, that's what makes it so good. I started to run out of money. And this school (Delview Music School), that I would substitute at up until about two weeks ago, called me up and offered me two teaching studios! That's about 20 kids I get the honor of teaching how to play guitar; I get the honor of teaching them about music. I may not be living in the hills of Hollywood or across from Central Park in NY, but I'm doing what I'm absolutely passionate about doing and making a living out of it. How many people in this world can say that? From that point of view, I've made it. Yeah, I stress a little because I don't have any dates on the calendar portion of this site, the CD has been a real pain in the ying-yang to publish, my guitar is driving me crazy, my truck keeps breaking down and leaving me stranded in weird places... but I'm successful, man! I don't punch a clock, I don't wear a tie, I don't have someone trying to impress their will upon me just because their on some power trip. I'm free. FREE. That's where it's at, baby. And like the saying goes, "Freedom ain't free." The cost of that freedom? Material comfort. It's a sacrifice I'll pay TWICE, know what I mean? And if you have faith, it all comes out anyway. Like I said, I ran out of money, so paying for rehearsal space was no longer viable. Bruce steps up and finds us place to rehearse, anytime, for any length of time, for free! Ha! I came up short of money to publish the CD, and this very good and amazingly generous man offers to make up the difference! My truck broke down, and Mike Spell (who appeared on our record) lends me his car while he goes and changes out the starter - for free. I was going to have to pay the CD replicators (so much) more money to have them lay out the art work for the CD, and Robert Vogel (art director) steps up and decides to learn an entire new software system and not only shoots the photography, but lays it all out - for how much? You guessed it - free. My guitar tone was just going to pot, and my real good friend, Gary Loper, practically gives me a new pedal (I wouldn't let him give it to me for free) that corrects the problem! It's unreal, man. I don't ask for any of this, people just step in and help out of their own accord. It's not so coincidental. I could go on and on about how much grace has been heaped upon me. But I don't want to bore (that's not a spelling mistake) you with that. The point is that this is the best life I've ever lived! It's crazy, it's stressful, it's beautiful, it's ugly, it's bountiful, it's barren, it's RICH of adventure. And I do what I've been built to do: play and make music! WOW!

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