It's a phrase that gets handed out like you're at the soup kitchen. A ladle full of feel-good for you're emptiness. It could almost be depressing. . . .

I'm not one to go about telling people what to do. I don't believe in it. Mostly, a person's going to do what they're going to do out of a deep (false) sense that they're actually in charge. (I chuckle)

But this I know. This I actually try to do.

Don't force people in your circle to live where they're not meant to live.

Breath deeply the responsibility. Consume the love it takes to get your brothers or sisters out of the world you've created for them. People will be what you set them up to be. Isn't it ironic? Humans feel a veiled sense of control but are quick to relenquish their kindgom. The reason is people are role players and want to be loved. Sometimes people want a thing so badly they can't see that it's bad for them. And it feels good to you because they're playing the character you've cast for them in the play of your life.


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