It's just crazy how much time passes by and I still haven't updated this blog. I'm sorry. I've heard from the faithful readers that they're just waiting and waiting. . . . Sorry.

This will be really short. First, I'm way supprised at the amount of work companies are expecting from employees. Two friends of mine are really struggling with the strain. Not too long ago I heard on AM Radio this guy talking about how in the "good old days" people could make a decent living. You could be a butcher, or a serviceman, or a milkman and you'd earn enough to feed and support the whole family. But, thanks to illegal immigaration, we're now in the situation we find ourselves; they will take the same jobs for pennies on the dollar.

Ok. I don't buy that. You're looking in the wrong direction here - or at the very least, only half way down the road.

The truth is that companies will get away with anything they can get away with - namely, they'll get anyone to do however much they can get them to do it, and for as little as possible. Meaning, they'll want you to do more and more and more and more and pay you the least amount. Sure, the argument is that if you put up a fight, they'll just find someone else to do it, and for even less!

I don't know where I'm going with this; but I do know that people that I care about and love are feeling terrible because they can't succeed in a work place that is demanding more and more. That's not right. It's just not right.

We should prosper and bloom, not wither and suffer. Suffering is a natural part of this life, and a certain amount is expected. But, we shouldn't have to suffer to the point where suffering is our only existence.

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