I keep telling my students that music lives in the transitions - it's all about the changes and how well you make it through each one.

It's like that with everything, I guess. One minute you're sitting there jamming in the pocket - the "groove" as some prefer to call it. Another minute you're passed point A and you'd better be on point B with the rest of 'em.

It's all about the changes.

A person can liive life in a static state. In music it's equivalent to playing only one chord, or rythm. Sometime, somewhere, somehow, it's all going to change. How well am I prepared to make the transition? Some musicians, that's all they practice - they call it "running the changes". They sit there and work and work and work how to move from place to place without effort and flawlessly. Hmmm. I wonder how well I'd do in life.

Can I run the changes of my life without effort? Can I navigate the river without hitting a sandbar - and if I do, can I improvise my way out?

Music isn't about being able to play the part - music is about being able to play the part between the part. Can you dig it?

Someone once said - Coltrane, I think - the best composed music sounds improvised and the best improvisations sound composed.


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