Started this new web site today. I must say, it's pretty spiffy compared to the last one. I've been working on it now for about 5 hours and just about done. It's been a heck of a life, man. It's wonderful to be alive. Never in my life have I ever experienced so much pain and joy at once; it's enough to let you know you're alive! Just to catch you up on all the jive: Circa: 1998 I'd been dreaming about a musical project where we play Big Band style swing and horn licks with a small horn section and a big ol' stand up bass and we all would wear the tux's and stuff... but naahhhh. That was just over the top. Circa: 2001 Then I was into the Texas THANG with Americana and all that; you know, like my friend Tony says, "bad singing and outta tune guitars". I thought, "Yeah, dude! Someone FINALLY gets me!" But, naaahhhh. Circa: 2003 Then I heard Big Jay McNealy and Louis Prima... and I was born again! This time I thought, "If I don't play that, I won't be able to breath, or breed!" And THIS time I just jumped in up to my ears in blues and jump-blues. My pal, Gary Loper (of the Revelators, and a freakin' great Blues-man) set me hip to all kinds of stuff. I'm talkin' the standards. Guys I knew the names of, but didn't really know too well; Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker, B.B. King, Clearance "Gatemouth" Brown, Albert King, on and on. I threw in some Ray Charles, some Louis Prima, some Red Prysock, some Little Johnny Jones.... I was in love all over again. And that lead me right back to Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller.... What could I do? I mean, what could I do? So the Band of No Reputation (unknowing my decision to quit music entirely, but that's another pathetic story) pools together some dough and they bought me a kick-butt Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amplifier for my birthday. Man, it was like the sun burst through and bunny rabbits and grass growing and flowers blooming! Then a ka-chunk of cash comes my way, and I'm like: "Let's make a record!" Bruce comes chiming in, our friend John Condit, from the Notorious Sinners says he'll record with us and we're off and running! August 2005 After 2 rehearsals in which we played through 12 songs twice, we go to the studio to lay down the basic tracks. These guys are like "one-take-johnny's"! We must've taken about two takes each track and they're done! John was sitting there banging away at the skins and Bruce Witter was just setting down that groove! Those cats are mean, dude! I came in and banged out about 8 songs a night on guitar, then turned around and did it again on vocals and leads.... Some advice: If you can avoid making a record in that fashion, you really must! That was the most grueling pace of work I'd ever done! Then, due to studio time and other scheduling conflicts.... September 2005 We've got the thing mixed down and now we're about to go to master the thing. And I must say, it rocks. Taking pictures this weekend, I think. Writing liner notes, and shopping for a replicator. CD release parties and shows are on the horizon, hiring a full-time drummer would be good! If you know of any, send this way! So, this blog is about a hard working musician's life. The pit falls and the mountains of glory. It'll all be here. It's going to be a hell of ride, man.

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