It's one thing to wish and be hopeful, it's another thing to realize a dream. Have you ever seen that dude on PBS (does anybody still watch PBS? That was "cable" back in the day!) that does that speil about the power of positive thinking? I was sitting around watching him one night and he was going on and on about all you need to do is think a thing into existance. It was provacative, but misleading. I thought, "Wow! All I have to do is think of a million bucks and 'sha-zam!' there it will be?" What a bunch of malarky. If what this dude is saying is true, the world would be a different place - actually, the world would be heaven, I think. It's like this. I've been needing to get a vehicle for a good little while now - and all the positive thinking in the world did nothing for that. But I've been praying and praying over the thing. Something about prayer is that it teaches more about yourself and your place in the world than just giving a run down of "I wants/needs" of your life. Prayer teaches patience, understanding that things come in their time, things come if they're willed by God to come, things happen because there's more at stake in the world than you realize, there's an bigger picture of people loving on each other than you (at first) think, it teaches that this life - ironically - isn't about you. I think of a child. A baby person is very needy and dependant upon their parents. They cry and they get. They're hungry, they cry and they get food. Poopy diaper? Cry and it gets changed. A pattern gets set. Cry = Good. It's all about what the baby wants. In order to grow (spiritually, too) all that has to change - the reciever must move into the giver catagory. It's immature to expect positive thinking to make things happen. I mean, c'mon! It's not about you. The world does not revolve around you. But, if it's God's will to make a thing be - it will be. Last night, God willed it to be that I got a new truck. It's totally awesome. It does the trick and more. But this isn't a story about positive thinking. It's a story about petition and God's will. I know, because I've been positively thinking about a new vehicle now for about a year and it got me two things: Jack and Squat.

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