The other day I was reading an article on the website How Stuff Works. I'd never been there before, and I landed there by accident as I was googeling something. But what I read was neat. It was an article on "How To Make It". I'd been looking for an average price on a van since we're going to be gigging in and around the region (Texas). Google turns up this article I'm talking about. In it, one of the band members is quoted as saying "Everyday I don't do something for the band is a day something doesn't get done for the band." Easy-peasy, I thought. No deep revelations there. But the more I thought about that, the more I think that seemingly simple thoughts can hold very important messages. Topically, it's the idea of "carpe diem", right? Everyday I don't do something for (fill in the blank) is a day I get to wallow in my sorrow, in my regret, in my blaming other people for my lack of courage. Whatever, you can fill in all the blanks you want - I think you know what I'm trying to say here. This little life here that I'm living is a small life. It's not grand in the sense that we don't have "things", we don't go places (cruises, vacations, Disneyland, skiing...), we don't own stock, we don't lots and lots of things. It's enough to make a person think the world sucks, man. Well, it does, but NOT because of that. The world sucks because it's not going according to the original plan, and we're all responsible - but I digress. No, it's not about the "having". "Everyday I don't (fill in the blank)" can be taken from another perspective. I grew up in a culture where one was encouraged to not trust the "establishment" and to look for one's own answers and truths; that's made me a man with a pursuit to find the "other" meaning. Everyday I don't drink is a day I get to be alive. Everyday I don't sink into the perspective that life is tough is a day I get to really experience life. Everyday I don't see this world in the downward spiral it's heading is a day I get to notice the beauty of our world and it's wonders. Every day I don't die is a day I get to live. On and on - get it? Yes, my life maybe a small one, but it's rich and full of life - can you dig that? I'm very, very, very lucky to live this life because not many people in the entire world, throughout the history of the world, get to live their life on their terms, with their values intact, without their morals compromised, chasing their dreams and staying happy. I'm blessed beyond description. This is all very relevant to my latest news. Ladies and gentleman, 12 days ago, on 02/01/06, I became the proud daddy of a bouncing baby CD! That's right. Phase II of "The Plan" has now commenced and we'll be taking the show on the road to a bar near you. Everyday I don't do something for my music is a day I don't get to be a musician. And having this little record under my belt is a huge relief for me, and it's exciting and terrifying and stressful and buoyant and incredibly exhilarating.

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