"Those who wait upon the Lord will get new strength" Isaiah 40:31
I really like this line. I'm thinking of the word "wait". It's really tough for me to do. I hate waiting. I used to tell Lynnette that I was timing her while I drove around the parking lot of the grocery store while she went in to get the milk and bread. What a jerk, right? I'd actually do it, too. No kidding. Once, I told off Shanon, one of Lynnette's friends, because she made me wait. "Do you realize how much of my life you just made me waste," I asked her. I was pissed off, boy.
As a recovering addict, I had to learn patience. I learned that one of my "triggers" is impatience. I want what I want and I want it now. I'd trained myself, over a lifetime of self-reliance, to do whatever I wanted whenever it occurred for me to do it. Patience was/is a tough thing to do.
What I've learned out of that is that waiting isn't a waste of time. It actually is productive. Waiting doesn't mean being idle; it means training, or attending to something or someone, or resting ... resting.
I like the image Isaiah conjures in my mind. I see myself waiting on the Lord, as in, I'm wearing a tuxedo and I'm serving a King -- his attendant. White towel draped over one arm, looking after the one who deserves it and following orders.
Well, that's the way I see myself in a perfect world.
Resting is another interesting concept, too. Resting isn't only a rejuvenation, it's giving something or someone space. In music, when we don't play, we call it "resting" -- silence, stillness, quiet. God rested from creating everything. I don't think it was because He was tired. I think it was more of a cessation of work in order to stand back and admire the beauty -- like an artist to a sculpture.
So, I'm waiting upon the Lord. I'm endeavoring to attend to His command. I don't always understand it. I don't always really know what it is He'd like for me to do. I'm intent upon being open enough to hear and feel Him stirring in my soul, and I pray for the courage to carry it to action.

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