It's just something you can't put your finger on. It's a mist of a thought, a whisp of insight, a glimpse of clarity in your periphery . . . .

The world is a progressively smaller place and the concentric circles of people sometimes intertwine. Last night, I walked into a place of love and spirit. After the days I've been having, I needed something like that. It's not very common (sadly) to see people giving of themselves for the good of another -- maybe someone they don't even know. People were glad of heart to know that the time and money they were spending were for the good of a very sick friend.

Maybe the person in need will be able to pay some bills; maybe be able to pay for an hour's worth of medication or therapy. But that's not the point. The point is that a community of people gathered together to show their love and support and help prop up the spirits of a family tired from the strain of battling a dibilitating illness. Someone asked me, "How much money did they raise?" I don't think that matters as much as what was raised was the will to continue the fight knowing that there are many, many people in Chuck and Jan's corner; many people who genuinely want to see them through.

It's also a testament to Chuck and Jan who inspire all of us to continue our little petty up-hill battles because, by comparison, we've got it pretty light.

Please visit If you want to join the cause, great. At least go by and see what this is all about.

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