I heard the glass clink when it gently smacked another one on it's way down to the table. I was momentarily focused on that hand releasing it's possesion and retreating to it's master. " . . . are you listening to what I'm saying to you?" The two answers obvious: a) Lie and maybe have to contend with the challenge by repeating what I was just now not listening to, or b) Be honest and widen the gap between us . . . .

What would you have done?

It's not like I mean it. I don't. Sometimes, though, I just get caught up in my thoughts. It's like a speeding train, sometimes a train wreck. Something happens and I'm lost in thought, or someone says something and before I know it, I'm about 100 miles away from the germ that started it off.

It can even happen while I'm the one doing the talking. " . . . and then I grabbed my guitar and . . . . Wait. What was I saying?" The only reason we talk is so we can be heard; and not hearing someone, especially when their screaming the softest, can be a tragedy.

Maybe people want to say something, but don't know that they can. Maybe people are trying to say something, but don't know how. Maybe people don't realize how broken they are because they haven't been fixed enough to know the differece. Listen to yourself today and see what you're saying to people. What's the message?

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