You'll be happy to know the in-line skating is coming along quite well. I was pretty cautious, as you might expect. I was holding on to the walls in the hall-way of my apartments. First things first: I learned how to slow down and stop! Then I learned how to fall -- well, that actually came from on the job training. Know what, though? All the working out I've been doing really came in handy! I was able to stretch and control my fall (too bad not spiritually). Subsequently, it was a gentle landing. I was just skating around here in my apartments parking lot. Even learned how to hop; I'm not quite up to jumping, yet. But, I will be. Oh, yes. I will!

There are plenty of TV shows that feature fixing up old and/or broken down homes. Surely you've seen them. Sometimes it's about sending the family out on a well deserved vacation so they can return to their dream home. (Hurray!) Others, it's about fixing up the home just enough to sell that thing. That's the one where people come in and talk smack about the house you live in, then some pretty girls and boys come in . . . and "presto", badda-bing, you've got a sellable house. There's one in particular that's caught my attention. They call the show "Flip This House" or something like that.

The last one I saw, the dude said that before every construction, you have to deconstruct.


That speaks volumes.

Here lately I've been passing through some turbulent times. Sometimes I think I'm experiencing an early mid-life crises. Sometimes I feel like I dispair. Can't quite put my finger on it, really. I was reading this book written eons ago by this man named Isaiah, and in it, he speaks of being purified my fire. So, my mind started connecting dots.

It's not too far fetched to say I don't believe in coincendences, and that things that catch my attention have specific meanings. I was having coffee with a friend of mine over an intersting life conversation the other day. We were talking about how our world view, when sufficiently challenged, causes a change in ourselves. Picture the little me in my mind pointing his finger in the air and proclaiming, "EUREKA!"

And so it was. I understand, I think, what God's been trying to say to me here. It's a pretty common theme, too. Pruning is a cutting into the flesh. It's not meant to harm, but to cut away the impedance to growth. But it hurts like a mother, nonetheless! You have to tear down the house if you want to make it better than it was, man. And that ain't no walk in the park. You know, I've made some pretty significant changes here these past five years or so. And everytime, I think I'm getting the hang of it. Know something? The more you walk this walk, the more that's on the line. It's almost like everytime I go through this pruning, this deconstruction of my world view, my faith in my Creator gets put on the line in a bigger way. Almost like He's challenging me to stay in the game because it's so easy to just bail and have it "my" way. Have it, life, the way I want it to be; pleasing and glorifing to ME. What's so much more incredible is that I'm given the freaking choice, man! I can leave anytime I want. I can go back to controlling my life and doing all the things that please me; no sweat and there's no one to tell me "no". But I've done that. Look where that got me. Nothing.

I'm shown faith that I will trust my life in God's hands. Like, your parents give you the keys to the house and go away for the weekend, trusting you to behave in a way that honors them. I'm being deconstructed and renovated; made new again in His eyes and in the eyes of the world. I'm trusted to keep on keeping on with Him even if it hurts to do it, because in the end, I will be better for it, and He will be shown to have known better than me -- glorified.

I'm compelled to honor God's faith in me by being faithful to Him while he fixes up this old and broken me.

Ain't nothing but the truth, baby.

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