We've been rehearsing now for two weeks - well, me and Javier, that is. Bruce has joined us twice, now. Let me tell you something. I've been playing in and out (and back in... then down and out, then kinda in... hoping to get out...) of bands for more than half of my life. Some of them were pretty good. Good enough to garner radio play and paper write-ups. Some haven't been my band, per se... just gigs I've played as a side man. I've been in some rockin' concert halls and some real seedy dives. Sometimes it's been awards and roaring applause... and sometimes it's been just me, the PA, and the crickets. In all of just two full-band rehearsals, this band is probably the best band I've had the honor of playing in. And I could list all the reasons for you (dynamics, tempo, groove, etc). But you want to know the real reason? It's the people, man. Bruce and Javier are GOOD people. And without them, this thing wouldn't be. And without you, the listener, the fan, the supporter, the friends... this band wouldn't be. It's all about people. Otherwise, I'd be just sitting in my room, brooding over what I hear and want to do - wishing and dreaming. I know, because that's where I come from. I've been dreaming this life for all of my life. And here we are. Success isn't a destination... it's the process. There is a deep, deep appreciation for all of them, and you. It's a great thing to be alive, man. People: you gotta love 'em.

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