Good things are happening! It's all coming together so fast, man. We finished mixing the CD down late last week. Tony Francoviac (mixer) from over at Cactus Country Studios, and Chilton Vance (engineer) did a real shiny jobby-job on that thing. It's pretty slick. And by that I mean, "It's pretty slick!" My buddy Jeff Gablemann, also of the Notorious Sinners, turned me on to a friend of his, Robert Houston. Robert does mastering. I took him the raw, mixed down, CD. He worked on one song, Shake 'er, and "KA-BANG!" that thing is just smoking! By that I mean, "It pretty cool." HOOOO-WEEEE!!! Folks, this thing's rocking! So, I got caught behind the ball here for a second. I just thought I'd have more time. But Robert tells me he can have the entire thing finished by next week! Oh, man! I better write those liner notes this weekend, I better start working out again so I can take the pictures (no one wants to look at a "fluffy" front-mang, know what I meang, mang?), I better get the art work and lay-out designed,... I better learn how play the tunes! On that front.... A reason why I was slacking on the other stuff is because I've been putting so much effort into finding a drummer. I think we've found one! This week I met with Javier Gutierrez. Javier is a drummer from these parts and has been looking for a more full-time permanent-type of gig. What a co-inky-dink! I've been looking for the same thing in a drummer. And he can swing and rock, and he can play dynamics and all that fun stuff. We rehearsed a bit tonight. It's all good. Be looking for his bio soon. It's all good. It's ALL good.

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