I never quite understood Dylan when he sang, "The answer is blowing in the wind." I just, all these years, let it go as yet another Dylan thing I just didn't get. But you bet your yahoo I smile and nod that knowing nod whenever anyone asks me what I think about Dylan.

But that's not what this is about - but sorta is. . . .

I'm going through this personal upheaval in my soul. There are very few people who truly know what I'm talking about here, but bear with me. All my life I've known what I've been built by the hand of God to do in this world. And for most of my life, I've avoided it. I've spent my time living as a (fill in the blank) in order to survive and then I'd play music - ostensibly for that ONE day when I'd do it for a living. Slowly, slowly, and with loads of prayer, we've been moving toward that life. And now it's here.

Oh, we've been at it for a little while now, my wife and I, that is. So, here we are; at the apex of a life so tremendously blessed and yet . . . I just don't know exactly how to explain it.

It just all seems so stupid. I guess that's what I'm trying to say here. Man, I've chased this thing my ENTIRE life. Can you dig that? Surely you can. Surely. Now that I'm here, it just all seems so stupid. It's the same thing over and over again. You start to wonder if what you're doing with your life has any real and lasting impact; you start to imagine that if only things went your way, then, THEN you could really do something with your life.

The difference from before is that I didn't have anything with which to fill that hole. But, now I know. I know.

I've prayed about this thing; I'm really lucky to do, for a living, what I'm absolutely passionate about doing. I have in my hands the greatest opportunity to gather up my cash and stash it away for that day when I don't get to live this life any longer. But, isn't that what we, all of us, do? I ask you this: What's the freakin' difference, man?? I think of that cartoon where the shephard dog's job is to watch the sheep all day and the coyote's job is to steal one - they drearily punch the clock in, "Hey Ralph.", they drearily punch the clock out, "Good night, Stanley." What? Is this all there is??

I'm here to tell you. NO. This isn't all there is. I'm turning this little rock-n-roll group into a thing that matters, man. No more of this, "What can I earn for me" crap. This thing, this life, has to have meaning! Aahhh! I'm trying to reach through you're computer monitor and shake you!

We have to let personal cares blow in the wind; just let it go. Anybody can grab a guitar and scream, "Passion" into a microphone and make a buck, dude. Anybody. Any monkey. We have got to make a difference in this world - and the only way to do it, ironically, is to quit trying to be ROCK STAR. Can you dig that? In order for me to have a life, I must give up that life. That's the truth, baby.

Ain't nothing but the truth.

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