"The way I see it, you're either 'us' or 'them'" "Aaaaannnnnddddd... which one are you?" "Clearly, I'm 'us'." "How can you tell?" "'Cause, I'm here, just as plain as day, you see. 'They' are over there." "Clearly.' "And I want to be 'them' - one day, when I grow up." "What makes them so attractive?" "Because they're *not* me, of course!" "Do you suppose any of 'them' want to be 'us'?" "God. I hope not." And now for something kinda different (but not compeletly, if at all - well, it's actually related now that I think about it... it's just that it came to mind). I saw Bono on a television interview once (crazy that some people don't even need last names they're so popular - or *real* names at that!). He was saying that all the differences between America and Ireland could be summed up succinctly. He said that in America, people look at the people living up on the hill in a big house and say, "You know, one day I'm gonna get a house like that." In Ireland, people say, "You know, one day I'm gonna get that son-of-a...."

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