So, here's the short of the long. Whatever you do, BACK UP YOUR WORK!

I like listening to podcasts, and last week, this one in particular reminded me that I needed to back up my computer(s). So, I'd decided to look into purchasing this on-line service that will back up your information for you (for a "nominal" fee, of course!) without you having to worry nuthin' 'bout it.

Wouldn't you know it? The morning I'm going to look into it, I open my computer and it never wakes up! So, down I go to the store to talk to them about it. I'm crossing my fingers nothing's been lost and I'm only dreaming this whole thing. But, "nnnnooooo!!!" It's all lost. The guy behind the counter tell me I should really think about backing up my work. (uugghhh!!) So, I tell him how just that morning I was going to look into the very same thing. As they're getting me another computer (this one still being under warranty), we're talking about how much memory this computer has and what nots. The dude tells me I should just go out and buy an external memory thing that will hold all my information. Want to know the real kicker? I already OWN ONE! (uuugghhh!!!!)

I just didn't know that the one I have can fit my entire computer on it! Or, I didn't make the connection. Here I was, all along, equipped to back up my work all along, and I lost it because what I didn't know hurt me - as always.

Needless to say, I'm backing up nightly - sometimes twice a day!

A little goes a long way. Back up that work, people. With my luck, I'll probably never experience a crash of that proportion again. But, do you want to know what? I'll never have to worry about it again.

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