So, after a bit of a respite. It seems I'm back at it. Sometimes I wish God would send me an email with specific instructions as to how I need to progress. Step by step. Unfortunately, I don't believe He's in the business of micromanaging anyone's life. Since I started this project, we've seen heady highs and some soul-wrenching lows. The truth of it all is that I couldn't believe my own spin and it "spun" me off the deep end. Luckily, there was a teaching job in the wings and sustenance was provided. In those days and months, and even years, I've come a place where I can understand better now; I can see my role in all this. "Show up." I no longer have an "agenda' of world domination. My only agenda now is to spread the word about life on this earth from a particular world view. I'm not out to make converts. I'm not out to change hearts. I'm out to reach out a hand and that says, "I get you." And, there is no purer expression of that than the blues....


eva santiago September 03, 2012 @01:45 pm

When you bought me breakfast 2 years ago on my visit to S.A. you said that phrase to me: Just show up. I have been applying that ever since and for some reason it stuck :)

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