I've been working on updating Bios and Fact Sheets. Pretty much getting a "real" press kit together. Trying to schedule an appointment with my friend Michelle Travis to shoot some photos means having to reschedule due to rain and such. If you haven't been to her site, you need to. She's an AWESOME photographer. I'm also learning how to post PDF files to this here website so people can download my info.

I talked to Kenny over at The Tin Roof Steakhouse in Boerne about maybe booking some shows there in the fall. Perhaps we'll be seeing all you Fair Oaks/Boerne people out there. Want to help me out? Give Kenny a call at (830) 816-5011 and request me to play there!  I'd really appreciate all the help you can give.

On the band's front, I'm still writing and trying to make plans to make some professional demos of the new material. It might even materialize into an official release because I'm getting some good stuff happening here!

Soon I'll update my myspace page and my new Facebook artist page, too! Phew! Lots of sweat and writing happening.  But, you know, it's a learning process and my life-paradigm is to try to get through the process with discipline and diligence because there's really no other way around it; so, might as well get after it, right?

If you can think of somewhere to play that's in your area, please let me know, too.  I'll add them to my database and start making contact as soon as possible.  You're help in this area is greatly appreciated, too!

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