Sometimes, when I look back at the stuff I write like I did yesterday, I think, "Man, you're a whiner."  Here's a warning, I have mood extremes.  Would you have thunk it?? From a musician??


Here's an interesting story.  Today I was driving in the fine Texas town of Fair Oaks Ranch when I was pulled over.  My inspection sticker was expired, apparently - since May.  What?  What's a little two month negligence on my part?  I mean, I'm a busy man!  Anyway, the policeman didn't care and asked for my drivers license, of course.  So, I hand it to him and I start to reach over for my insurance card.

"Do you know your license is expired, too?"  
(Oh, cccrrraaappppp)
"Um ... no.  But, how much you wanna bet the insurance card I'm about to hand you is expired, too?"


Turns out the insurance card was good to go.  He let me go with a warning on the license and gave me a citation for the inspection sticker.  God is good - all the time.

I've also just now got off the phone with my friend Alfredo Segura.  I'll be playing at Spring Creek UMC's Festival in September.  I love them.  They are a great bunch of people, and Alfredo ... well, Alfredo's a great man.  

So, there you have it.  Film at 11:00 ....

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