Ok. So. Here we go, I guess. I started asking some friends what they had planned for the incoming year. I didn't once think about calling it "New Year's Resolutions"; but, on hind-sight, I guess that's what I was getting after. I just don't think of these types of things as "resolutions" per se. "Resolutions" has come to have such a negative connotation as of late. So, anyway, I was asking around, "What are your plans for the new year?"

Mostly, people just gave me blank stares or muttered something about not working as much (yeah, right) or something along those lines. One buddy said he'd like to work on having children! Now THAT'S a plan, I thought. Me? I hadn't realized I'd made any resolutions. I've made plans. That seems to be a more meaningful thing. I'm not entirely sure why. I think that to be resolved means that you're thinking about making something happen. I know it actually means that you're very serious about making something happen ... but, still, it's come to be kinda limp-wristed. I've made plans, man. There's a difference.

I've actually sat down and written out what I want to accomplish this year of my life. I've set out short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. I've set out deadlines for what "short-term" means and so forth and so on. I've written out "to do's" and set them in my calendar. I've thought out about how long it'd take to get each accomplished, planned those particular "to do's" into my carry-along-with-me-everywhere-go calendar. Neat stuff, really. I'm excited about it all.

This year I plan to (in no particular order): Perform on a regular basis again. To read scripture regularly. To pray for my students -- specifically for what God would like to say to them through me, and for the knowledge and wisdom of how to convey His message. To pray, and engage my family and friends to pray, for us to be able to buy a house this year. (You can start helping with that without further ado. Please.) To seek God's guidance on how I can be of use to Him through my life.

As you can see, among the priorities is to start performing again. I have to get that done, man. So, I have a plan in action for that. These here words you're reading, that's part of it.

I'm endeavoring to make this little website up to date complete with updated photos and verbiage. I'm blogging again; and what's cool is that my host has provided for you to respond! So, now you, too, can join in on the shenanigans and weigh in with your much respected opinion.

Ok. That's pretty much it for now.

I want to know, though, how you feel about New Year's Resolutions? Do you make them? Do you believe in them? Do you prefer to "make plans" like me?


clara January 07, 2010 @02:28 pm

WOW! I too wrote about the resolutions thing on my website..talk about flowing in tune to The Spirit. I Make plans or goals because I think goals tend to be more realisitc then resolutions. I have to have a plan in order for God to direct me. If I have no plan...God has nothing to direct huh?

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