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Luis Arizpe and The Truth: Blog

Do you really know I love you?

Posted on September 3, 2012
The other morning I was having coffee with my good friend, Scott.  Scott's a man I love and admire for many reasons, but, primarily because he's a man.  (Whoa.  Suddenly things seem to have taken a weird turn)  What I mean is that he's one of those people that you can't help but look up to because of his humanity.  I mean, he's real.  He knows his limitations and his strengths; and that empowers him to not hold back when he points yours out to you.  But, he doesn't do it in an accusing way.  He has a sense about him that you come off feeling like someone's just held up a mirror to you.  And that's love; and lovable.
Jesus tells us to love each other.  Not only that, but, to love each other as we, ourselves, would have others love us.
The reason I was having coffee with Scott is because I was concerned for him.  This past May, a group of my students, "my guys", graduated from my school.  They've all gone off and are embarking on [...]
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Crazy thing about travel.  The farther you go, the farther away you are.  I remember going to the beach as a kid and jumping into the water.  Off I went, farther and farther out till I was just bobbing with the waves and my feet touching the sand beneath only in the valleys of those waves.  I'd be out there, man, just having a great time and at some point I'd notice that I couldn't hear anything or anyone.  Turning around toward the beach I'd notice I was not where I'd embarked from.  I'd be down the beach and farther out than I thought.  "Uh-oh.  How'd I get here?  What happened?"
That's where I am.  "Uh-oh.  How'd I get here."
It's not a bad thing, necessarily.  It's actually pretty good.  Used to be I wasn't exactly sure if the next series of gigs would put food on the table for my family.  Now, it's a steady.  When the sun shines, you turn towards it.  It's natural.  One day, you decide to turn back [...]
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Posted on August 24, 2012
So, after a bit of a respite. It seems I'm back at it. Sometimes I wish God would send me an email with specific instructions as to how I need to progress. Step by step. Unfortunately, I don't believe He's in the business of micromanaging anyone's life. Since I started this project, we've seen heady highs and some soul-wrenching lows. The truth of it all is that I couldn't believe my own spin and it "spun" me off the deep end. Luckily, there was a teaching job in the wings and sustenance was provided. In those days and months, and even years, I've come a place where I can understand better now; I can see my role in all this. "Show up." I no longer have an "agenda' of world domination. My only agenda now is to spread the word about life on this earth from a particular world view. I'm not out to make converts. I'm not out to change hearts. I'm out to reach out a hand and that says, "I get you." And, there is no purer expression of that than the blues....

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Back that up!

Posted on August 2, 2010
So, here's the short of the long. Whatever you do, BACK UP YOUR WORK!
I like listening to podcasts, and last week, this one in particular reminded me that I needed to back up my computer(s). So, I'd decided to look into purchasing this on-line service that will back up your information for you (for a "nominal" fee, of course!) without you having to worry nuthin' 'bout it.
Wouldn't you know it? The morning I'm going to look into it, I open my computer and it never wakes up! So, down I go to the store to talk to them about it. I'm crossing my fingers nothing's been lost and I'm only dreaming this whole thing. But, "nnnnooooo!!!" It's all lost. The guy behind the counter tell me I should really think about backing up my work. (uugghhh!!) So, I tell him how just that morning I was going to look into the very same thing. As they're getting me another computer (this one still being under warranty), we're talking about how much memory this computer has and what nots. The dude tells [...]
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Punk Rock and The Blues

Posted on July 21, 2010
Be sure to check out this week's FREE blues guitar lessons. We'll cover the blues chords and how you can use them to more effect. It's really fun to take the simplest of things and get as creative with it as you possibly can. Actually, that's one of the reasons why I love the blues so much.
Coming from a punk rock background, I was profoundly influenced by minimalism. For some people, minimalism = "basic". But, that's just so ... cliche. It's more accurate to say that the constraints of minimalism really show off the artist's ability to be creative. Look at it this way, anyone can write a song with verses and choruses and bridges and ramps and intros and outros and interludes and solos and time changes and key modulations ... I mean, ANYONE. But, who can write a really good song with just one chord? John Lennon? Sure, John could.
Blues is minimalistic, musically and lyrically. It's "three chords and the truth" as my friend Chris Taylor is fond of saying. It's a haiku of lyrics married to [...]
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