Luis Arizpe & The Truth (The Band) - Luis Arizpe -- Guitar/Vocals, Andy Garcia -- Bass/Vocals, David Cacy -- Drums/Perc

Want to know The Truth? They're about people. 

Everyone has a story; no one's immune. They tell those stories. They seek to connect individual themes of struggle with universal triumph ... and Truth. When one person wins, we all can win. Not everyone struggles, or struggles the same, or at the same time. When one is up, another is down. But, that makes us who we are. What does that sound like?

It sounds messy, passionate, sophisticated, and glorious. It's mean and sweet. It's a grunt and a point at things that can't be articulated.  But, we know they're there and they matter.

Luis Arizpe released his first solo CD in 2006, "Big Little Guy" and it gained quick interest. In the middle of touring in support of that record, Luis became unsettled thinking about the inauthenticity of what he was saying and doing. This business is very much about hype and self-aggrandizement and it didn't sit well in Luis' stomach.  So, he took a sabbatical and devoted himself to writing and teaching and reflection.

In 2011, Luis came together with Andy Garcia and David Cacy to back their mutual friend, Robin Lees to form The Robin Lees band. They supported Robin as her tour band, regional and national, until 2015. 

That's when the guys decided to re-package "Luis Arizpe" into "Luis Arizpe & The Truth" with the purpose of creating stronger bonds through a community.

And that's nothing but The Truth.

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