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Luis Arizpe and The Truth: Bio

Luis Arizpe

Luis Arizpe is a Blues musician who has lived the blues. Dark days and long nights are a thing of his past, but, those stories have shaped his music.  After years on the Punk and Metal-Punk scene, Luis left to formally study music at the University of North Texas.

“Big Little Guy”, released in 2006, marked the start of his solo career. It's a CD of all-original music ranging from Jazz/Blues to Americana that has reached wide-spread distribution including iTunes, Rhapsody, and The title track, “Big Little Guy”, garnered “Best Melody”, “Most Original” and “Best Blues Rock Drummer” from

Luis was featured on the KABB-29's "Guitar Hero" segment and played regularly at The Blue Cactus Cafe, made an appearance at Floore’s Country Store, and headlined at the Texas Music Coalition’s 10 Anniversary. He's also played at Fiesta San Antonio's King William Fair. Since then, Luis has been on the Fine Arts Faculty at Geneva School of Boerne, a private classical-education Christian school. He decided to concentrate, temporarily, on this new and incredibly rewarding aspect of his career.